Flexibility Training

If hours of static stretching, rolling and manual therapy haven’t improved your flexibility, a neurocentric approach may be the missing piece because flexibility begins in the brain. Your nervous system decides how tight your hamstrings are, so to see lasting change, you need to address the core system that may be holding you back.

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LevelUp’s flexibility training is grounded in the latest neuroscience research, is highly individualized and includes hands-on therapy, neuromechanics, vision, vestibular and other drills that activate very specific parts of the nervous system. There is very little to no static stretching and it’s not a ‘no pain, no gain’ system.

Who can benefit: Athletes... 

  • Whose performance may be limited or who are prone to injury because of lack of flexibility

  • Who haven’t recovered their range of motion after an injury or surgery

  • Who hate to stretch

Neuroflexibility and neuroathletic training are emerging ways of looking at pain and performance; you can get ahead of the curve by applying what Olympic and professional athletes have started using.


New Client Package

75-minute initial evaluation + 2 55-minute sessions

$295 ($60 savings)