Change the brain, fix the body.

Our nervous system governs how we feel, see and move, so why not leverage it’s power for change? 


A neurocentric approach…

Means assessing & training the systems that have the biggest impact on how we move:

neuroperformance massagge pilates los gatos san jose.jpg
  • Vision and visual skills

  • Vestibular system -- inner ear structures that regulate balance

  • Proprioceptive system -- musculoskeletal control and awareness

By including these and other systems (in addition to investigating your sore shoulder or back), we can address the reasons for pain, lack of flexibility, and other factors that keep us from great movement.

How it works


Your starting point is an assessment of how well your brain and body are connecting: strength, movement, visual skills and specific aspects of your nervous system. Initial sessions will provide you with simple home exercises to alleviate symptoms and improve performance.

A Customized Plan

Based on your goals, we’ll shape a program designed to meet your goals and to address what we discovered during the assessments. Sessions incorporate orthopedic massage, movement coaching (from basic movement rehab to sport-specific work), Pilates and neuroperformance drills.

Empowering You to Level Up

You are at the center of your wellness and potential; my goal is to give you the knowledge and tools for your path upward.



This model of putting the brain first is based on Z-Health, a cutting-edge system of fitness and rehabilitation based on the latest neuroscience research. Used by coaches for MLB, NFL, NBA and Olympic athletes, it has proven results in addressing:

  • Athletic performance

  • Chronic pain

  • Balance

  • Flexibility

  • Joint mobility

  • Vision skills for sport & everyday life

  • Neurological disorders