LevelUp blends orthopedic massage, Pilates, and neuroperformance training to treat the brain and body together. By addressing soft tissues as well as the parts of the nervous system that regulate movement, posture, and pain, this approach can have profound and immediate results.

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Pain Relief & Movement Rehabilitation

Orthopedic massage, neuroperformance drills and basic movement coaching to address patterns that may be causing persistent muscle tension, joint pain, and lack of flexibility. Learn how pain is a signal, and how powerful treating the whole person vs just the symptoms can be.

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Young Athlete & Dancer Care

Specialized care to enable a long career doing what they love. Treatment is focused on addressing common injuries and imbalances, pain relief, and preventing injury. Young athletes — especially those who wish to pursue a collegiate or professional career — will benefit from preventative care.

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Sports Performance

The three pillars of great movement are: vision, balance, proprioception… in that order. Discover how vision & vestibular training, sport-specific movement analysis, and movement rehabilitation can help you improve performance and avoid injury.