Young Athlete Care


Specialized care to enable a long career in the sport they love

Just because they’re young, always pushing through pain is not the answer, and doing so repeatedly can have long-term consequences. Treatment is focused on addressing common injuries and imbalances, recovery, alleviating pain, and preventing injury. Conditions addressed include:

  • Hypertonic (“tight”) muscles

  • Overuse injuries: tendinitis, muscle strains

  • Growth-plate conditions: Sever’s, Osgood-Schlatter

  • Back pain

  • Lack of flexibility

  • Other sports-related injuries

Treatment Options

  • Massage: Regular manual therapy can help prevent muscle strains and tendinitis. Don’t wait until your athlete is in pain. Treatment is done over clothes, so please wear loose-fitting clothing . Schedule an Appointment.

  • Massage + Movement Training: A multifaceted approach -- incorporating massage therapy, Pilates, and neuroperformance training -- designed to address symptoms while correcting imbalances, movement patterns, and building core stability, any of which can be contributing to recurring pain or injury. Please call or email to schedule.

  • On-site Therapy: Treatment for teams on-location,15 or 20 minutes per athlete. Please call or email to schedule.